Best Organic Gluten Free Bread

Best gluten free bread you will ever bake. Not full of all the fillers store bought gluten free breads contain.

Bake this delicious organic gluten free and grain free bread and for sure it will be your go to bread.

This recipe is very healthy, organic, and the perfect sandwich bread for any occasion.  Time to make some tasty sandwiches.

It is great for toasting and depending on how much you are going to use I usually freeze half the loaf.  

Here are some suggestions for toppings

1. Organic avocado with sunflower micro greens.

2. Organic radishes with radish micro greens.

3. Organic tomatoes ,eggs dill and some organic mayo.

4. Organic almond butter, honey and chia seeds.

5. Organic beet hummus with edible flowers.

6. Raw organic gruyere with roasted mushrooms and basil micro greens


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