Tips for Gluten Free Baking

Gluten free baking may seem a little tricky but once you get the hang of it is dead simple.

There are many tips you can easily master and become a wiz in the kitchen.

The key to successful gluten free baking is the combinations of flours and ingredients. 

1.Recipes should be followed to a tee to ensure a great end product.  Once you have achieved success you can start to change things up.

2. Prior to baking make sure all your cold ingredients ( ie eggs, butter etc) are brought to room temperature.

3. Gluten free mixes tend to be sticky and more liquid than regular flour so properly grease or line pans.

4. Be generous with spices and vanilla. Add a dash more to get the full flavour going.  Gluten-free flours often have unique tastes, and adding additional flavouring to recipes will help cover up these unfamiliar flavours.

5. If using active yeast do proof .

6. If you wish to substitute an ingredient ask the author of recipe for suggestions.

Some gluten free flours:

Almond flour adds moisture and flavour.

Ground flax meal gives a whole wheat texture.

Brown or white rice flours are closest to wheat flour.

Oats should be certified gluten free.

Tapioca and arrowroot starch add  fluffiness ( do not overuse.

Buckwheat flours are high in fibre and are great in a GF blend or as pancakes.

Coconut flour is also high in fibre and adds density ( I use it in moderation)

Psyllium husk is a great binder and can be used to replace xanthan gum.

ALWAYS buy organic or GMO free!


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