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Cannery Company is an illustrated food blog featuring organic recipes and a sustainable lifestyle located in beautiful Niagara on the Lake.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle one must choose fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  This would include grass fed meats and sustainable fish.  Importantly also is avoiding any processed foods and sugars.  GMO (genetically modified organism ) should always be avoided.

My blog has taken many turns before I decided to publish it. First,I started a mad dash at photographing everything I made. Secondly, I started working on the graphics of the food and realized that this was my passion.

I was ( in my previous life ) a fashion designer for over 20 years. I had done hundreds of graphics for my company Chopper Couture.  Hence ,where my logo comes from.

My illustrations are a combination of graphics and photography. All my backgrounds are photos I have taken. Many of them in Niagara on the Lake and the Niagara region.  Photoshop is where I create and edit my photos and graphics.

The Niagara region has much to offer with local with many organic and sustainable farms.

As my blog progresses, I will feature the farms and their products. Also making recipes from seasonal fruits and vegetables. These will be grown free of herbicides and pesticides. Just good, natural, real food.

Featured also will be the wineries and craft breweries of Niagara on the Lake. Paired with the wines and beers I will include my recipes that I feel work best.

Reviews for restaurants that serve local farm to table foods and non GMO in upcoming blogs.

I will welcome any submissions for recipes and upon approval illustrate and post them.

Hoping you enjoy the blog as much as I did creating it.




Beautiful Niagara on the Lake

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