It’s peach season and they are a wonderful fruit, full of nutrition. Each peach has 15 % of the daily vitamin C your body needs. Also, they have strong antioxidant properties known to reduce inflammation and help your digestion. If that is not enough reason to go grab a bushel or two from your local farmers they are also delicious and can be made into so many dishes. Here in Niagara, we are truly so lucky to have an endless supply from our local farmers. They will disappear ( as will summer) by mid-October, so enjoy now. Here is a recipe for peach muffins, you may want to double the recipe as they will vanish very quickly. For a Keto version, you can replace the maple syrup with stevia or sweetener of choice.

Roasted Peach Compote Recipe

Cut 5 organic peaches in half remove pits, put 1 tsp maple syrup ,drop of lemon juice, pinch of salt and sprinkle with cinnamon and bake on a sheet in a  425F preheated oven for 20 minutes. Remove skins ( if using organic peaches you can leave the skin on ) cut and mash coarsely and put into a 16 oz canning jar and place upside down on a wire rack and  cool completely, then refrigerate until ready to use. Will last several months until opened.

For KETO mix cinnamon ,lemon with liquid stevia ( to taste) to replace maple syrup.

BEWARE the aroma may drive you insane and you may want to eat them before they get into the jars.

Fantastic warm on top of vanilla ice cream and toss in some local organic raspberries.

Super Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

Add 2 cups organic whipping cream, Maple syrup or sweetener ( if Keto) to taste, 1 Tbsp organic vanilla and 2 tsps. vodka  or 2 tsps. bourbon for extra flavour ( this will prevent ice crystals from forming) 

Whip until stiff and place in container in freezer for 4 hours. Remove 10 minute before serving. 

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