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Chef Jason Parson's Baco Noir Poached Pears

This bold and fruity Baco Noir is medium-bodied with a smooth (almost tannin free) mouthfeel and food-friendly acidity. Flavours of ripe plum, cherry and blueberry overflow on the palate with juicy black fruit lingering through on the finish. Enjoy now.

Serve at a cool room temperature of 15 to 17ºC. Best served with fully-dressed grilled burgers; sausage on a bun with sauerkraut; grilled red pepper, eggplant and mushroom skewers; saucy barbecued ribs; veggie burgers; grilled Portobello mushrooms; spicy chicken wings; Teriyaki chicken or beef; and barbecued steaks with your favourite steak sauce.


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